2023 Rules

Notes on Competitions

  1. Showmanship is no charge for youth( 21 Under as of 1/1/23) entering cattle in the show.
  2. Showmanship consists of 4 divisions:
    • Pee-Wee – Age 8 and Under
    • Junior – Age 9 thru 13
    • Intermediate 14 thru 17
    • Senior 18 thru 21
  3. Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions will be eligible for Overall Top 5 Showman Contest. Top 5 in each division will be eligible to compete in Overall Showman.
  4. Showmanship is Blow and Go. No adhesive or full fit of cattle.
  5. All market cattle (heifers and steers) must be born after January 1, 2022.
  6. Heifers shown in Market Class will be shown against other heifers as their own division. Top 3 in division will be eligible to compete for overall market animal.
  7. All Breeding Heifers must be born between September 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022.
  8. All cattle entered must be of recognized beef breeds or beef crossbreeds. No Dairy Influence!
  9. All market cattle will be shown by weight.
  10. Registration papers are required for all purebred cattle. Purebred Heifers & Crossbred heifers will be shown by age.
  11. IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics will apply.
  12. Breed divisions will have a 5 head minimum.
  13. Heifers MAY cross enter in the market and heifer show. If doing so, double fee must be paid.
  14. AOB and Percentage Classes to be determined at a later date.

Health Regulations

All animals must have official RFID or State Department Agriculture Ear tag.

New York State and Out-Of-State Animals: All animals for exhibition must be accompanied by a health certificate (dated after March 1, 2023) with positive individual identification and signed by an accredited veterinarian that states the animals are free of all communicable diseases and is BVD NEGATIVE.

All cattle must have a negative BVD test prior to arriving at the show.

All animals must have appropriate testing/paperwork determined by NYS Agriculture and Markets to attend the show. Please contact your veterinarian for additional questions.

NYS Agriculture and Markets Website: https://agriculture.ny.gov/farming/fairs